10 Cool Gadgets That Are Absolutely Worth Buying in 2023


In 2023, the world of technology saw the release of some truly remarkable gadgets that are absolutely worth buying. From innovative phone cases to futuristic power transmitters, these gadgets are revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. Let’s take a closer look at 10 cool gadgets that are a must-have in 2023.

Key Takeaways

  • The gadgets released in 2023 are revolutionizing technology and are a must-have for tech enthusiasts.
  • Innovative phone cases and power transmitters are among the top gadgets of 2023.
  • The Samsung Transparent Display and 8K Projector are setting new standards in visual technology.
  • The integration of drones in luxury SUVs and smartwatches challenging the Apple Watch are changing the tech landscape.
  • Portable phone chargers and golf gadgets with advanced features are also dominating the market in 2023.

1. Phoozy Apollo II Thermal Phone Case


The Phoozy Apollo II Thermal Phone Case is a must-have for anyone who loves the outdoors, whether you’re a winter runner or a summer beachgoer. Its unique thermal protection helps regulate your phone’s temperature, keeping it warm in frigid conditions and cool during the scorching summer days.

  • Thermal Capsule: Provides insulation against cold and heat.
  • Durability: Crafted with materials used in spacesuits.
  • Protection: Shields against drops and water.

The Phoozy Apollo II is not just a case; it’s a year-round guardian for your smartphone. With a price tag of $39.99, it’s an investment in the longevity and reliability of your device.

2. Ambient Photonics Low-Level Power Transmitter


In the quest for innovative power solutions, Ambient Photonics emerges as a game-changer with its low-level power transmitter. This technology harnesses solar energy in a way that’s reminiscent of the solar calculators that have been around for decades. However, Ambient Photonics has revolutionized the concept by miniaturizing solar cells to fit a variety of devices and employing novel materials to maximize energy absorption from low light conditions.

The result is a discreet and efficient power source for low power consumption devices. These solar cells can be seamlessly integrated beneath lightly transparent plastic, rendering them nearly invisible while providing a constant charge. Devices such as TV remotes, keyboards, mice, and smoke detectors can benefit from this sustainable energy solution, potentially eliminating the need for traditional batteries.

The integration of Ambient Photonics’ technology signifies a leap towards a more sustainable and convenient user experience, where the hassle of battery replacements is a thing of the past.

Here’s a quick look at the potential impact:

  • Extended device lifespan: Devices no longer rely solely on battery power.
  • Eco-friendly: Reduces waste from disposable batteries.
  • Convenience: Devices remain charged without user intervention.
  • Aesthetics: Solar cells are hidden, preserving device design.

Ambient Photonics is not just promising a new form of wireless power; it’s delivering a practical solution that could redefine how we power our everyday gadgets.

3. Samsung Transparent Display


Samsung’s latest innovation in display technology is turning heads with its transparent MicroLED display. Unveiled at CES 2024, this prototype showcases the potential for see-through screens in various applications. Samsung’s transparent displays use micro-LED panels, offering the same benefits as OLED, such as self-lit pixels, without the downsides like burn-in.

While still in the prototype stage, the transparent MicroLED display by Samsung is a glimpse into the future of immersive technology. The display is not only a technological marvel but also a testament to Samsung’s commitment to innovation.

The seamless integration of MicroLED technology into transparent displays could revolutionize the way we interact with our environment, blending digital content with the physical world.

Despite its promise, the cost of MicroLED technology remains a barrier to widespread adoption. However, as the technology matures and production costs decrease, we can expect to see more of these futuristic displays in everyday scenarios.

4. Samsung 8K Projector


The Samsung 8K Projector is a leap forward in home cinema technology, offering an unparalleled viewing experience. With its crystal-clear 8K resolution, this projector brings movies and games to life with stunning detail and vibrant colors.

Features include:

  • Ultra-high-definition 8K resolution
  • Advanced color processing for lifelike images
  • Compact design for easy placement
  • Smart connectivity options for seamless streaming

Expected to be available from Q2 of 2024, the Samsung 8K Projector is priced starting at $1,999. While details are still emerging, the anticipation for this product is high among tech enthusiasts and cinephiles alike.

The Samsung 8K Projector is not just about watching content; it’s about experiencing it in the most immersive way possible. With its cutting-edge technology, it promises to transform your living room into a mini-theater.

5. Speaker Painting


The Samsung Music Frame is a revolutionary gadget that transforms the way we experience audio-visual art. It’s not just a smart speaker; it’s a piece of decor that plays your favorite tunes. With the ability to insert an art print, either of your choosing or from Samsung’s curated selection, the Music Frame seamlessly integrates into your living space.


  • Audio Array: Front firing speakers
  • Connectivity: Can connect to televisions for surround sound
  • Customization: Room for an art print in the center

While the pricing and release date remain under wraps, the anticipation for this innovative product is palpable. The Music Frame is set to include two speakers each for high frequencies, mid-range, and bass, promising a rich and immersive sound experience.

The Music Frame is more than an audio device; it’s an artistic statement that elevates your home’s ambiance.

Stay tuned for updates on this exquisite blend of technology and artistry, as it may soon redefine our concept of home entertainment.

6. Luxury SUV with Built-in Drone


The fusion of luxury and technology takes a new form with the introduction of the Luxury SUV with Built-in Drone. This vehicle not only promises a comfortable and high-end driving experience but also adds an unprecedented feature: a drone that launches directly from the roof. Imagine the convenience of aerial photography or quick surveillance without ever leaving your car.

The built-in drone is seamlessly integrated into the design of the SUV, ensuring that both style and functionality are uncompromised.

Key features of this innovative SUV include:

  • Autonomous drone deployment and retrieval system
  • High-resolution camera for stunning aerial shots
  • Real-time video feed to the SUV’s infotainment system
  • Advanced safety features for both the vehicle and the drone

This gadget is not just about the wow factor; it’s about enhancing the driving experience with practical applications that were once the stuff of science fiction.

7. Ossia Cota Wireless Power Transmitter


Imagine a world where charging cables are a thing of the past, and power flows as freely as Wi-Fi signals. The Ossia Cota Wireless Power Transmitter is designed to bring this vision to life. With a range of about 10 meters, the Cota transmitter can beam low-level power to devices equipped with compatible batteries, providing a continuous charge to small household gadgets and keeping your phone’s battery topped off.

The Cota’s power transfer capability is modest, at 1-3 watts, but it’s enough to ensure that devices like remote controls and electronic blinds never run out of juice. Currently, Ossia focuses on licensing its technology, which means you can’t purchase a Cota transmitter just yet. However, the potential for a wire-free future is tantalizing.

The Cota system represents a significant leap towards a cable-free living space, offering a glimpse into a future where our devices are perpetually powered without the need for constant plugging and unplugging.

While we await the integration of Ossia’s technology into mainstream products, here’s a quick look at what makes the Cota stand out:

  • Wireless power akin to Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Seamless integration into the home environment
  • Ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously
  • Low-level power output suitable for a variety of small electronics

The Cota Wireless Power Transmitter is not just a gadget; it’s a preview of the next revolution in how we power our everyday devices.

8. Smartwatch by the Company That Challenged Apple Watch


In a bold move that shook the tech world, the company that successfully challenged the Apple Watch is now set to release its own smartwatch. This upcoming device is not just a statement of competition, but a testament to innovation and user-centric design.

Expectations are high as consumers and industry experts alike are eager to see how this smartwatch will differentiate itself from the Apple Watch. With a focus on customization, battery life, and a seamless user experience, the new contender could potentially redefine the smartwatch market.

Features to look out for include:

  • Advanced health tracking capabilities
  • Superior battery life
  • A highly intuitive interface
  • Robust third-party app support

The anticipation surrounding this release is palpable, and it could very well set a new standard for what users expect from their wearable technology.

9. Best Portable Phone and Gadget Chargers


In the ever-evolving world of technology, keeping your devices charged has become a daily struggle. The best portable phone and gadget chargers of 2023 are not just about power; they’re about convenience, speed, and design. With options ranging from sleek, pocket-sized power banks to robust, high-capacity chargers, there’s a solution for every need.

Portability and power output are key when selecting a charger. Consider the following popular choices:

  • Compact chargers for everyday carry
  • Solar-powered chargers for eco-friendly charging
  • High-capacity chargers for extended trips

Remember, the right charger can be the difference between a device that powers through the day and one that powers down at a critical moment.

Sales have shown that consumers are willing to invest in quality chargers, especially during promotional periods. For instance, a classic Mac-inspired charger with 67 watts of USB-C PD charging across three ports saw significant discounts, making it an irresistible buy for tech enthusiasts.

10. Golf Gadgets: GPS/Rangefinders and Launch Monitors


The world of golf has embraced technology with open arms, and nowhere is this more evident than in the realm of golf gadgets. GPS/Rangefinders and launch monitors have become essential tools for players seeking to improve their game. These devices offer precise yardages and valuable data that can transform the way you approach each shot.

Golf Monthly has highlighted some of the best gadgets on the market, including state-of-the-art golf watches, handheld devices, and sophisticated launch monitors. Once considered a luxury for professionals, these gadgets are now accessible to all golf enthusiasts.

Investing in a quality GPS/rangefinder or launch monitor is a decision that pays dividends on the course. The accuracy and convenience they provide can lead to significant improvements in your game.

Here’s a quick look at some top picks:

  • Garmin Approach Z82: A rangefinder with GPS capabilities.
  • High-end golf watches: Offering a blend of style and functionality.
  • Launch monitors: For detailed shot analysis and feedback.

When selecting a gadget, consider factors such as ease of use, accuracy, and the type of data provided. Remember, the right tool can be a game-changer for golfers at any skill level.


In conclusion, the year 2023 has brought forth an array of innovative and exciting gadgets that are truly worth investing in. From portable phone chargers to cutting-edge smartwatches, the tech landscape has been enriched with remarkable offerings. As we look ahead to 2024, the anticipation for even more groundbreaking gadgets continues to grow. The intersection of technology and everyday life is evolving at a rapid pace, and these gadgets are a testament to the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top tech gadgets for 2024?

The top tech gadgets for 2024 include the Phoozy Apollo II Thermal Phone Case, Ambient Photonics Low-Level Power Transmitter, Samsung Transparent Display, Samsung 8K Projector, Speaker Painting, Luxury SUV with Built-in Drone, Ossia Cota Wireless Power Transmitter, Smartwatch by the Company That Challenged Apple Watch, Best Portable Phone and Gadget Chargers, and Golf Gadgets like GPS/Rangefinders and Launch Monitors.

What makes the Phoozy Apollo II Thermal Phone Case stand out?

The Phoozy Apollo II Thermal Phone Case stands out for its thermal protection, keeping your phone safe from extreme temperatures, and its military-grade construction, providing drop protection.

How does the Ambient Photonics Low-Level Power Transmitter work?

The Ambient Photonics Low-Level Power Transmitter uses innovative technology to wirelessly transmit power to devices, eliminating the need for traditional charging methods.

What are the key features of the Samsung Transparent Display?

The Samsung Transparent Display features a see-through screen, high-resolution display, and futuristic design, making it a unique and innovative gadget.

What are the benefits of the Ossia Cota Wireless Power Transmitter?

The Ossia Cota Wireless Power Transmitter offers wireless power transmission similar to Wi-Fi, providing convenient and efficient charging for various devices.

How do GPS/Rangefinders and Launch Monitors enhance the golfing experience?

GPS/Rangefinders and Launch Monitors provide accurate distance measurements, swing analysis, and performance tracking, enhancing the golfing experience for players of all levels.

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